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  • 1 July 2017

    The Story of the Mexican Fisherman

    Perspective is the ability to see a situation from a completely different angle and is one of the most valuable resources in this life. Enough perspective can give you a huge advantage in any situation…


  • 14 October 2016

    From The Very Large to The Very Small

    For the find of the week we are going to give you some perspective….. Once it reaches it’s max of 10 billion lightyears (From that distance it seems as though everything is smushed together in a colorful web!) it…


  • 7 October 2016

    Hidden Passageways for Your Home

    Have you ever dreamed of having a secret passageway in your home or apartment? (I know I always have.) Having a secret passageway is an essential element to any secret lair. The video below shows a New York…


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