29 July 2018

A Review Of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo


Founded in 1868, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a widely acclaimed zoo and it is recognized as one of the oldest zoos in the United States. The zoo is a leader in animal conservation and care. Despite being a world-class zoo, the zoo offers free admission for all visitors. The zoo doesn’t regard profiting as its primary objective. Instead, it aims to bridge the gap between animals and humans. It aims to connect, inspire, and educate the public with nature through a free, family-oriented wildlife experience.

lincoln park zoo
The Good

The zoo is spread over an area of 35 acres and the place caters to the needs of over 200 animal species. Like in any other renowned zoos, you can catch all the major attractions in the Lincoln Park Zoo including sea animals, primates, reptiles, big cats, and birds etc. While there, you should definitely visit the Regenstein Macaque Forest. The area is home to a troop of Japanese macaques; we can bet our bottom dollar that you won’t be disappointed seeing the macaques in all their glory, soaking in the hot springs.
You can also go on a journey through the Regenstein African Journey exhibition where you can see giraffes, aardvarks, and rhinos. And, if you need a break from the animals, you can relax in the zoo´s beautiful gardens and stroll through an exhibition of nature-inspired sculptures. While there, be sure to locate the famous ancient burr oak tree that dates back to 1830.
You shouldn’t be worried if you have a hungry tummy owing to all the running around. The zoo has plenty of options for food and snacks.

The Bad

However, like everything else in the world, the zoo isn’t exactly perfect. Since it offers free admission, the zoo is regularly crowded. Hence, you should be mindful of hours of operations and if you want to get the best pictures, you should get there early. Although the Lincoln Park Zoo does offer free admission for all, they do ask for donations throughout the zoo, which is, mind you, completely understandable, but can be rather annoying. And, know that, just because the admission to the zoo is free, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be spending money there. The parking is very expensive and so are the food and drinks. The items and souvenirs in the gift shops are also priced rather exorbitantly.

The Lincoln Park Zoo can serve as the perfect platform for a great first date. Much like an eventful event, the zoo itself provides plenty of opportunities to break the ice. Hence, you probably won’t have to worry about awkward silences. You can also enjoy a perfect day out with the wife and kids in Lincoln Park Zoo. If possible, you should definitely visit Lincoln Park Zoo in December for the holiday zoo lights. It is truly impressive to see how they decorate the zoo with so many lights. Ask any local around—you can’t beat the Lincoln Park Zoo for a great day in the city.

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