4 January 2017

Team vs Time is opening it’s doors in Chicago!


Team vs Time is taking the windy city by storm!

2000 West Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Phone: 773.904.8433

On Thursday, January 5th Team vs Time – Premier Room Escape Chicago will be officially opening it’s doors to the public. We will be offering our award winning Gangster’s Gamble and The Lost Book of Spells with more events coming as we grow and develop.

Gangster’s Gamble


In “Gangster’s Gamble” your team receives direct orders to assist in the take down of a notorious crime family.  However, the only way to infiltrate such an organization is to go very deep undercover, not even the local officials know your team is in on the sting operation.  Your team can rely only on each other and only hope there is a fellow mole along the way to assist. You’ll have only one hour to find the evidence and get out of there before anyone comes back. And you know what they do to rats…



The Lost Book of Spells


In “The Lost Book of Spells” your team will dive into the story of Rosalind LeFay. Folk stories come and go, but one that has stood the test of time has been Rosalind LeFay and her Lost Book of Spells. Believed to be the most magical, best kept, and if revealed to the wrong eyes and ears, most dangerous spell book, your team must travel to LeFay’s haven to search her lair and try to escape with not only her infamous book but also your lives.



Keeps your eyes peeled for more updates and make sure you share this great news with a friend! We look forward to having the opportunity to entertain you.

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