14 October 2016

Family Game Night at a Room Escape?


Room Escapes are a great opportunity for families to get out of the house and create new memories together. Families have all the basic building blocks of a great team. Here are some benefits of bringing your family to a room escape.

An Opportunity for Everyone to Detach from Technology

In today’s world it can be incredibly hard to detach from technology such as your television and smartphones. Since everything you need can be found within your environment. There is no need for outside electronics. This gives families the opportunity to shut out the outside world for 60 minutes and freely interact with each other without worrying about any distractions.

You Will Build Great Family Memories

Since all of our puzzles require a range of skillsets to complete everyone will need to lend a helping hand to get out successfully. Once everyone is engaged they will be able to express themselves more freely. Bringing your family to a room escape will leave everyone with memories they will take with them for years to come.

Kids Learn Useful Skills

A room escape can teach kids valuable lessons that they may not always learn in the classroom. They will learn how to solve complex problems in a team environment by using imagination and outside the box thinking. Kid’s imaginations will be running wild as they try to think of all the possible answers for any particular problem. You will be surprised as they showcase their problem solving skills. You may even be helping them realize a lifelong passion for creative problem solving.

Room Escapes can be a great way to bring Family Game Night back to life. With its immersive environments and the isolation factors it forces families to give their undivided attention to each other. Book your adventure now and kick start your Family Game Night!

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