7 October 2016

4 Questions to Ask Before You Book a Room Escape


At Team vs Time we believe it is important to give you the tools you need to make the best decision you can when choosing a room escape. Here are four questions you should ask before making your final decision.


How much is the cost per person?

Just like any purchase the first step is to understand how much you are going to be spending. Room Escapes typically charge per person not per room. You can anticipate to spend anywhere between $27-$30 per person for a 60-minute experience. Prices may fluctuate depending on whether or not you are looking for a private experience. We will get more to that in the “Will my experience be private?” section.


Do I have to leave a deposit to create a reservation?

Just about every room escape requires a reservation to participate. In order to create the reservation you do need to leave a deposit. Some room escapes require you to pay the entire balance in full to create the reservation. At Team vs Time we require only a 50% deposit to create your reservation. Also we offer a refund for bookings canceled prior to the 24-hour window. — Did you miss the 24-hour window? No problem. You can also reschedule your event using the deposit you made.


Will my experience be private?

Many room escapes across the country require you to play with strangers. This makes it very important to ask this question during the booking process. Playing with strangers is sometimes uncomfortable and could potentially ruin your overall experience. Room Escapes that force you to play with strangers do occasionally have the option to play privately, but they charge you the cost of the entire room to do so! This means that a group of two would have to pay well over $100 per person, in some instances, just to play alone. At Team vs Time our experience comes private by default with no hidden charges. You just pay one flat rate per person and you can enjoy a private experience.


What is the recommended participants per room?

When looking to book not only should you ask what the max per room is but also what the recommended group size is. Event spaces typically range from a max of 6 – 10 participants. There is certainly strength in numbers, but sometimes playing in smaller groups can be more efficient. At Team vs Time a healthy group size is considered to be between 4 – 6 participants.


We hope this post has given you insight into what the typical room escape offers and how to make sure your getting the most out of your experience. Your next room escape experience is only a few questions away! We hope to see you soon at our Team vs Time Chicago location and our Team vs Time CT location.

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