23 September 2016

What is a Room Escape?


With the growing amount of escape rooms popping up through the country it’s important to define what a room escape actually is.


A room escape is an exciting new type of entertainment where you and your team are placed in an unfamiliar environment and have to use teamwork, street smarts, and some outside the box thinking to solve your way out. Room escapes are challenging so don’t feel bad if at first you don’t succeed, there will be a ton of opportunities to show the world your room escape skills! As you navigate through your rooms you will find a lot of items hidden in your environment so make sure you search just about every nook and cranny there might be something hiding. Once you find all these different items it’s important to stay as organized as possible or you run the risk of losing track of a vital piece of your puzzle.


While the basic room escape definition stays about the same everyone’s execution of this idea changes a little from company to company. At Team vs Time we offer a fully immersive experience both in terms of décor and storytelling. When you step into one of our event spaces you FEEL like you’ve stepped into another world. Our combination of immersive storytelling and carefully thought out puzzles will leave you and your friends with an experience you won’t soon forget. Currently we have two event spaces, Gangster’s Gamble and The Lost Book of Spells. We are set to open our third event space in the coming weeks so keep your eyes posted for more updates! Learn more about our Chicago room escapes here and our CT room escapes by clicking here.

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