30 September 2016

Elements Every Successful Room Escape Team Must Have


Team vs Time events are a team experience; this means that there is no one person that can complete these events alone. Which makes it important to understand the factors that, when executed correctly, can lead to your success. This post will help you understand the elements of an effective team and how to execute them.


There is No “I” in Team!



Communication is one of the most important aspects of a team environment so make sure your team is constantly communicating. If your team isn’t communicating you can miss out on some valuable information and waste time in the process. When you find something say something! Don’t just find an item then set it to the side. Make sure your team knows what you’ve found because they might know exactly where it goes or have the other half of the puzzle. Every second is precious so make sure you let everyone know what you’re doing and if you need help.

Helpful Tip – Make sure everyone gets a say. If you don’t understand something or are having trouble figuring something out let someone else take a crack at it. Some members of your team may surprise you and offer an angle that you might not have thought of.



When you first enter one of our events there will be a lot of items trying to grab your attention. This is what makes organization so important. Some of these items are important and some are red herrings. A red herring is an item or a clue specifically made to distract and mislead you. Keep stock of all the items you have found and place them somewhere where they will not get mixed with anything else.

Helpful Tip – Once you have determined an item is a red herring make sure you place it in a separate pile so that way no one gets confused.


Setting Roles

All great teams set roles for each team member. We can generally break up a group into 3 roles; leaders, problem solvers, and scavengers. Each of these roles play a critical part in a successful team and are valued equally. Make sure to identify strengths within your team to figure out which role each person might fit into.

Helpful Hint – Roles may jump from one team member to another as your team progresses through the event. Don’t worry this is absolutely normal! Since our challenges test an assortment of skills no one team member will be able to solve them all alone.


Never give up! We have found that most teams give up right before they are about to solve the problem. Don’t be that team. Push a little harder and you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you solve the problem.


Above all else, make sure you have fun. That’s the point after all! Team vs Time offers you and your team a unique immersive entertainment experience that everyone can connect with. Learn more about our Chicago & Connecticut room escape events here and here. Looking for something different to do with your family? Read why an escape room might be the perfect family game night.



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