30 August 2016

Team vs Time has opened its doors in Berlin, CT!


Team vs Time was founded upon the culture of constantly thinking outside of the box to find new and interesting ways to entertain people. We have been anxiously awaiting the day we could open our doors to the public and the day has finally come!


With our first location underway in Berlin, Connecticut we hope to have the opportunity to entertain Room Escape enthusiasts such as ourselves and introduce this craze taking over the country to all new comers!


Our events introduce teams into a completely immersive, state of the art, unique environment where finding interesting objects and clues to solve a series of puzzles will lead to an ultimate goal, which changes given the event space your team chooses.


bkg-mobile-GangsterIn our first event space, “Gangster’s Gamble” your team receives direct orders to assist in the take down of a notorious crime family.  However, the only way to infiltrate such an organization is to go very deep undercover, not even the local officials know your team is in on the sting operation.  Your team can rely only on each other and only hope there is a fellow mole along the way to assist.




bkg-mobile-BookOur second event space, “The Lost Book of Spells”, your team will dive into the story of Rosalind LeFay.  Folk stories come and go, but one that has stood the test of time has been Rosalind LeFay and her Lost Book of Spells.  Believed to be the most magical, best kept, and if revealed to the wrong eyes and ears, most dangerous spell book, your team must travel to LeFay’s haven to search her lair and try to escape with not only her infamous book but also your lives.




We hope you enjoyed this little taste of what we have to offer.  Stay tuned for more updates on our event spaces to come. We look forward to building a community in which fans of room escape, puzzles, and all that is fun come together to discuss room escape strategies, experiences and general fun facts! Learn more here about our new location.



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